/regex/i – case-insensitive
/regex/s – make period (.) match any character including newline
/regex/x – remove whitespace
/regex/m – make caret (^) match after, and dollar sign ($) match before, internal newlines (n)
/regex/e – if the replacement string is PHP code, eval() it to get the actual replacement string
/regex/U – reverses the greediness of the subpattern,* sand + now match as little as possible
/regex/u – causes pattern strings to be treated as UTF-8
/regex/X – causes a backslash followed by a character with no special meaning to trigger error
/regex/A – causes the beginning of the string to be anchored as if the first character of the pattern were ^
/regex/D – causes the $ character to match only at the end of the line
/regex/S – causes the expression parser to more carefully examine the structure of the pattern, so it may run slightly faster next time (such as in a loop)

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